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The thinking behind my blog posts are not original. It's always a combination of thinking pieces I learn and pick up from different people and sources. Every time I interact with each of you is a moment I learn something new. Believe me, I care and I remember. That's why I dedicate this post to thank you, who have made me the person I am today.

My gratitude to  my teachers & mentors, who have molded my thinking and fueled my interest in my career:

Thank you, anh Hồ Công Hoài Phương. I would not have become a Planner if there hadn't been your workshops and intellectual blog.

Thank you, anh Claude Trần, my first Planning Director. Without your recruitment, I can never enter my Planning career.

Thank you, chị Lê Thị Kim Cư, who gives me precious opportunities and has great confidence in me.

Thank you, Ms. Masako Okamura, who gives me the belief in my creativity and capability.

Thank you, anh Nguyễn Tường Luân, who has patiently taught me the foundations of planning and im…

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