“Emotion in Advertising: Pervasive, Yet Misunderstood” By Millward Brown

“[The] attempts to classify responses as emotional versus rational are often pointless, as the assumed dichotomy is a false and misleading one.”
Beginning of this article is a very clear statement of his Millward Brown’s argument: there is no point in differentiating an ad between emotional or rational. This idea of his immediately sheds light on my confusion about emotional and rational strategy, which I believe is a misleading categorisation. It is very much between the pull and push strategy in marketing, the categorizattion which is unnecessary. The reason is because, very much like pull and push strategy in marketing, emotional and rational are not enemies to each other, who are at the opposite end of a pole.
“Every ad generates an emotional response, because everything we encounter in life generates an instinctive emotional response. Everything.”
I totally agree with him on this explanation. Every kind of ads will generate emotion to people, as we humans, always feel a particular emotion towards everything, whether it is boring or plain, it is still an emotional response.
On general, the article is very informative about this topic of Emotion in advertising. However, the structure is not so well organized that the readers might be lost when the writer jumps from one thing to another. By the way, a very helpful article by Millward Brown.


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