How social media distorts “SHARING”

In the social media world, there is rarely such thing as truly “sharing”. The use of the word “share” is a deception of this online world to massage humans’ egos. Why don’t the social media platforms use the word “spread”, “distribute” or “tell” instead, but “share”?

Because “sharing” is a nice word that is used for nice people. It says we are giving up our own benefits for the sake of others, and not asking for return. “Sharing” requires sacrifice. When we share money, rice, fruits, books, beds, houses or partners, we all have to lose a portion of benefit for the others’ benefit.  But look at the social media world. You can share your photos of cats/ cakes/ boyfriend/ ebooks to millions of people without losing anything. No doubt why we, humans love to share on social media. It is all gain, no loss. It is a comfortable lie we are saying to ourselves that we are doing something good by making this world a richer place with information. But all we are doing is making this world a more deceptive place that is richer with information.

This distortion is bringing a re-definition of “sharing”. Imagine a world where people have lost the sense of giving up their own benefits for the sake of truly sharing with others...


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