We spend too much celebration for life, but too little for death

It strikes me why people scare of death so much and why people see death as a taboo and an enemy. We, humans, spend too much efforts and time to celebrate life, but too little for death. We write songs, poems and motivational quotes that show how beautiful living is, how magical life is. We encourage each other to live a good life and a happy life. We dramatize the importance of living, the importance of humans living on Earth, the importance of someone living in this place. And I find it strange and illogical. 

We, as humans, are born to live and die. We have the honour to live. But we also have the honour to pass away. But we fear death. We fear the decay and transformation of our own flesh and bones. Every second, in our body, around 2.5 millions red blood cells are dead and born. Life and death are always in continuity. But we fear it. 

We, as humans, don't usually look at our death as fair as the way we look at the death of animals and plants. When we look at a living pig, we can see it both as living creature now and any future form it might become in a future feast. The same goes to any other animals and plants. But when it comes to human, we fear imagining and discussing death. When it comes to human, we stop seeing the holistic picture of "living". "Living" doesn't necessarily mean that we are alive. What if we are all dead right now, and we are all thinking we are alive? At the end, it doesn't matter, right? Whether we are dead or alive right now, we all consider ourselves living. 

That's why we should spend more time and efforts celebrating death. We should treasure the transformation of our body when we die. We should discuss more openly about death to understand more thoroughly about ourselves. We should start to talk about how beautiful and magical death is. There should be more songs and poems written about death in a celebrating manner. And in that way, we become more content, more generous, more appreciated, more helpful and spread more love, embracing the possibility that this might be the last day we live on Earth. 


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