Hate something to Change something

Again, I am inspired by this Honda Commercial: Hate something, Change something.

In order to change something, we must start from a tension we hate. As negative as it may sound, I believe that "hate" is the only motivation that makes us change. Love doesn't motivate change, it motivates stability. It is hate that drives people to do something else to resolve this uncomfortable feeling.

That's why I believe great business and brand idea should evolve from "hate". It should come from something we find uneasy, discomfort, inconvenient, dissatisfied - something we hate and want to change.  Without "hate" motivation, your business or brand does not add any extra meaning to the society and customers, because you are not making any change to their life.

"Hate" is a point of view, which is bigger than the product or service offer. It is the why you are doing what you are doing. It's the backbone of why your business deserves people's attention and money. The "hate" point of view attracts the superfans, and from the superfans a community grows. No superfans, no community; people will just come to buy from you because you have discounts, not because you give them great value or change in their life.


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