When thinking big is depressing, live big

Humans live in stories we make up for ourselves. Everything that is existing in our humans' world is a form of story- currency, government, nation, career, status, etc. Without stories, we start getting lost and question ourselves about the purpose of life. Stories give us a role to play, a why to exist and fight everyday. 

But stories collapse when we think of the bigger picture. The universe is 13 billion years old, and humans only came to existence 1 million years ago, and very unlikely we will continue our existence in another million years. So then, what is the purpose of humans? Possibly nothing to the universe. 

Thinking big makes us realize life is just an illusion. Maybe we are unreal. Maybe this life is just a dream of a bigger life. Then we realize we know nothing why we are here and why we should continue to be here.

Thinking big makes us depressed. Sometimes it helps to stop thinking big, and starts living big. 


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