How can customers segmentation become worthless?

The segmentation below is meant to segment customers into micro-segments for the purpose of micro-targeting- designing very specific ads to impact the very specific segment.
However, there is one thing wrong with the segmentation below: it has no value.

Segmentation of customers in Smartphones category

Why does it have no value? Because this segmentation comes from a faulty methodology: the research asks people about their claimed attitudes towards a thing (it's the only way, currently). The research assumption is that people can tell researchers what they think, what they want and what they will do.

"Attitudes and opinions that are not based on actual behavior are variable, because they change when it comes to actual behavior", said Wendy Gordon in her latest brilliant book- Mindframes. Such segmentation can be useful for understanding the diversity of attitudes and opinions of customers, but prove to be unstable, unmeasurable, and worthless in marketing & communication application.


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